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Rapid Site Cleanup, Closure and Resale
Advise, Design, Build, Operate and Complete within 12 months

We can help you achieve site closure and enable the sale or redevelopment of your site in a predictable timeframe with highly reliable results. This is made possible by:

  • Our broad array of thermal remediation technologies, each tailored to the site-specific conditions and contaminants;
  • Tested and proven field operations, processes, and teams;
  • Expertise in designing projects to ensure outcomes without the need for further remediation; and,
  • Our ability to assure a shorter project cycle and verification that goals are achieved by sampling before we shut down or demobilize.

With our array of lower, moderate, and higher temperature applications, we are able to clean up a wide range of contaminants within this fast-track timeframe, including all VOCs (e.g., chlorinated and non-chlorinated solvents) at any depth, and SVOCs (e.g., PCBs, coal tar, creosote, pesticides) located above the water table. With SVOCs below the water table, additional water control measures may be needed, such as hydraulic isolation or longer operational periods.

Please visit sections on this web site on technologies, permeability and geology, contaminant types, and projects for more details.

Typical fast-track project timeline:

Month 1. Evaluate, Advise on thermal remediation technology selection, provide cost estimate

Month 2. Design completed

Month 3. Permitting completed

Month 4. Procurement and mobilization

Months 5 and 6. Project construction

Months 7-10. Operational period

Month 11. Demobilization and confirmatory sampling

Month 12. Reporting and site restoration

Is your site a candidate for rapid remediation? What development options might exist based on cleanup potential? Please contact us to discuss your site and find out if your site can be closed rapidly. We welcome your inquiry.



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