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Word's Largest ISTD Project (Poster) 5.17 MB
Combination of ZVI and EVO to Remediate a Large, Shallow TCE DNAPL Plume at a Former Industrial Facility (Poster) 2.2 MB
Versatile and Fast On-Site Analytical Programs for Today's High-Resolution Site Characterization (Poster) 1.6 MB
In Situ Fracturing Analysis Using the High Resolution Injection Tool for Design Optimization of a Sodium Permanganate Injection (Poster) 4.0 MB
How Effective is Thermal Remediation of Source Zones in Reducing Groundwater Concentrations (Poster) 3.6 MB
Thermal DNAPL Source Zone Treatment Impact on a CVOC Plume 2.97 MB
How Effective is Thermal Remediation of DNAPL Source Zones in Reducing Groundwater Impact? (Paper) 4.43 MB

Technology Selection and Conceptual Design for Cleanup of Dioxin Contamination at the Da Nang Airport Hot Spot, Viet Nam

98 KB
NAVFAC - Dense Non Aqueous Phase Liquid (DNAPL) Removal from Fractured Rock Using Thermal Conductive Heating (TCH) 12.7 MB
Combining Thermal Treatment with MNA at a Brownfield DNAPL Site 410 KB
In-Situ Thermal Treatment of MGP Waste and Creosote 253 KB

Thermal Treatment of Thick Peat Layers

316 KB

Improving the Sustainability of Source Removal

171 KB
In-Pile Thermal Desorption of Dioxin Contaminated Soil and Sediment 564 KB
Dominating Processes During DNAPL Removal from the Saturated Zone Using Thermal Wells 508 KB
2-D Physical Models of Thermal Conduction Heating
for Remediation of DNAPL Source Zones in Aquitards
520 KB
Thermally Enhanced Soil Vapor Extraction Closing DNAPL Sites -
Case Studies
152 KB
Use of Thermal Conduction Heating for the Remediation of
DNAPL in Fractured Bedrock, 2008
188 KB

Why In Situ Thermal Desorption Can Be the Most Cost-Effective
Remediation Method for Many Sites, 2008

92 KB
Completion of In-situ Thermal Remediation of PAHs, PCP and Dioxins at a Former Wood Treatment Facility, 2007
1.88 MB
USEPA Technology News and Trends Article: In-Situ Thermal Remediation Completed on Wood-Treatment Waste, 2007
230 KB
Application of Thermal Remediation Techniques for In-situ Treatment of Contaminated Soil and Water, 2006
503 KB
DNAPL Removal From the Saturated Zone Using Thermal Wells, 2006
664 KB
Improved Approach for Implementing ISTD for Remediation of Chlorinated Solvents, 2006
483 KB
Heat it All the Way - Mechanisms and Results Achieved using In-Situ Thermal Remediation, 2006
259 KB
In-Pile Thermal Desorption of PAHs, PCBs and Dioxins/Furans in Soil and Sediment, 2006
87 KB
Demonstration of Three Levels of In-Situ Heating for Remediation of a Former MGP Site, 2006
85 KB
An Examination of Using In-Situ Thermal Desorption to Remediate Mercury-Contaminated Soils through Laboratory Experiments and Numerical Modeling, May 2005
3.78 MB
In-Situ Thermal Remediation: Ecological and Economic Advantages of the TUBA and THERIS Methods, 2005
199 KB
In-Situ Delivery of Heat by Thermal Conduction and Steam Injection for Improved DNAPL Remediation, 2004
118 KB
Application of ISTD to the Remediation of CVOCs in Saturated and Unsaturated Settings, 2004
202 KB
In-Situ Thermal Destruction of MGP Waste in a Former Gasholder: Design and Installation, 2004
304 KB
Performance Relative to Dioxins of ISTD Soil Remediation Technology, August 2003
129 KB
Remediating Subsurface Mercury Contamination using TerraTherm's ISTD Technology, December 2002
71 KB
A Description of the Mechanisms of In-Situ Thermal Destruction (ISTD) Reactions, November 2002 141 KB
In Situ Thermal Desorption of Refined Petroleum Hydrocarbons from Saturated Soil, May 2000
741 KB
Thermal Conduction Heating for In Situ Thermal Desorption of Soils
4.3 MB
In Situ Thermal Destruction Makes Stringent Soil and Sediment Cleanup Goals Attainable
766 KB
In Situ Thermal Desorption of Coal Tar, December 1998
553 KB
Soil Remediation by Surface Heating and Vacuum Extraction, March 1995
311 KB
Design Equations for In Situ Thermal Desorption
185 KB
In Situ Thermal Desorption of PCBs, December 1997
256 KB
ISTR Bibliography
108 KB






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