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Thermal Remediation Project Concept and Design

Once TerraTherm identifies a thermal approach for a site, completes the initial engineering calculations, and reviews project data, we then produce a conceptual design for the project. TerraTherm’s expert engineers, geologists, and scientists apply decades of hands-on field experience to produce energy-efficient, pragmatic, and cost-effective project designs that account for myriad details at all phases of the project.

The conceptual design is based on the initial conceptual model of site conditions provided to TerraTherm together with our initial understanding of the remedial goals and project objectives. It provides a description of the subsurface heating approach, the aboveground vapor and liquid treatment systems, and a preliminary cost estimate.

TerraTherm’s designs seek to ensure cleanup to the required remedial standards at the lowest cost and within the shortest timeframe. We are always careful to address sensitive areas near and inside structures and within established neighborhoods, in order to prevent unwanted mobilization of contaminants and ensure effective capture and treatment of vapors.

TerraTherm has the advantage of offering various thermal remediation technologies and combinations to create an optimal design for each site. Our designs leverage our Steam, Thermal Conduction, and Electrical Resistance Heating technologies and exploit each to its best advantage without prejudice to any single technology.



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