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Treatability Studies

TerraTherm designs and implements laboratory treatability studies and pilot tests to confirm the feasibility of treatment of specific waste/soil matrices. These studies inform technology selection and determine the degree of treatment possible for different temperatures and durations. They are particularly useful, and in some cases may be required, when confronting an unusual contaminant, mixture of contaminants, or a matrix that has not been encountered previously.

Studies can typically be conducted at a low cost per sample tested, and completed within 3-5 weeks, including chemical analyses. Examples of completed thermal treatment treatability studies include:

  • Nitroaromatic compounds
  • Pesticides
  • Mono-, di- and trichlorobenzenes
  • PAHs mixed with other contaminants
  • CVOCs mixed with other contaminants
  • Mixed wastes that include radionuclides

TerraTherm has also designed, conducted and evaluated complex pre-design studies to optimize process engineering, safety, materials, and scaling. These studies have ranged from bench-scale and larger-scale laboratory tests to drum-scale tests and pilot studies, conducted for both government and private corporations.

TerraTherm has a long-standing partnership with a licensed treatability laboratory, which has conducted over three dozen treatability studies encompassing a wide range of contaminants and objectives. The efficiency with which we can specify and perform such studies collaboratively is a product of this depth of experience.



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