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Commitment to Health and Safety

Safety is fundamental to TerraTherm's everyday culture.  Whether working in the office or at a project site, we are dedicated to operating and maintaining projects in a safe manner. 

Our Health and Safety Program is an integral part of each project.  Potential hazards and exposures are identified and managed through the performance of a site survey and by open communication with managing contractors and clients. 

We believe that even one on-the-job accident is not acceptable.  Safety is not just a policy, but rather an attitude that pervades every job we do.

Supporting our Goal of ZERO Incidents:

TerraTherm's safety program consists of a clear, concise set of policies and procedures, and accompanying training and processes that enhance employee knowledge and participation.

Experience Modification Rate:

TerraTherm's commitment to safety has earned us an Experience Modification Rate (EMR) of 0.89 for 2014/2015.  Our low EMR rating is attributed to the company's strong safety program and our experienced and dedicated employees.

Safety Orientation:

TerraTherm trains employees so as to reinforce the company's safety culture by outlining key safety rules - administered at initial hire and annually thereafter.

Regulatory Specific Training:

TerraTherm provides in-house ongoing employee training to meet or exceed regulatory requirements - topics such as powered industrial truck, HAZWOPER, electrical safety, hazardous energy control, fall protection, qualified rigger, confined space entry, and respiratory protection, among others.

Safety Training

TerraTherm field, engineering and project management staff are all trained to OSHA 40-hour HAZWOPER standard. In addition, many home office staff and field teams have also completed the 8-Hour OSHA Supervisor and the 10-Hour OSHA Construction Safety certification courses.

TerraTherm is an active participant in the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) Safety Trained Supervisor (STS) Program. Our participation in this program recognizes our active promotion of sound safety practice at all of our sites by encouraging our field services staff to become certified STSs with the BCSP. TerraTherm is currently recognized by the BCSP as a "Participating Organization" in the BCSP's STS Company Sponsorship Program. Field supervisors and staff are encouraged apply for the BCSP STS qualification for Construction or General Industry, as applicable to the individual's job assignment. At the present time, 11 TerraTherm staff members have achieved the STS certification. In addition, 3 of our field supervisory staff that have achieved the STS certification have also been approved to sit for the BCSP Construction Health and Safety Technician (CHST) examination.

Incentive Program:

TerraTherm uses a Safety Incentive Program to reward employees for their safety-conscious efforts.  The program awards eligible employees with incentive items based on participation in weekly safety topic quizzes, near-miss reporting, and recognition and correction of potential compliance and safety issues.



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