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Advantages of In Situ Thermal Remediation

TerraTherm is a leader in Thermal remediation technologies and services, offering the broadest range of technologies available, including; Thermal Conduction Heating (TCH), Steam Enhanced Extraction (SEE), Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH), and combinations of these technologies to meet the requirements of your site.

We provide complete Advise, Design, Build and Operate services. Our technologies and processes have been proven to remediate essentially all hazardous organic compounds to levels below regulatory cleanup standards.

Here are a few good reasons to think thermal for your remediation projects.

Delivers robust, highly predictable results.
  • Our technologies consistently provide the predicted outcomes
  • Capable of achieving 100% sweep efficiency within treatment areas
  • Reliably achieve the cleanup goals, even to the strictest standards
Effective Capture of Vapors, Prevents Unwanted Contaminant Mobilization
  • Our technologies employ a variety of features that ensure that heated vapors are captured and contaminants are not mobilized outside of the treatment zone
Highly competitive costs. Thermal is often the obvious choice.
  • No lingering liability issues with discarded waste materials
  • No trucking fees, no landfill/disposal fees
  • Eliminates long term costs, unpredictable outcomes of fluid delivery/extraction approaches (e.g. P&T, SVE, ISCO)
  • Reduces total project costs and shortens timeframe to restore property value
Provides potentially huge increases in property value
  • Eliminates Liabilities – Thermal remediation removes the site owner’s liabilities and restores the value of environmentally distressed property.
  • Can eliminate contaminants in soil to non-detect levels
  • Low groundwater concentrations can be achieved to increase redevelopment options

Minimal Neighborhood impact with clean, quiet operations

  • Eliminates heavy trucks, rerouted traffic, and general disruption commonly associated with dig-and-haul projects.

Fits a wide variety of applications

  • Above and below the water table
  • All Organic Contaminants
  • In fractured rock
  • Beneath buildings

Example of combined TCH (ISTD) and Steam (SEE) technologies.

Fast and Final

  • A typical thermal period is 3 to 5 months, with project timeframes less than 12 months.



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